How to use Roam v2 features on Roam v1

Philippe Delteil
2 min readMay 19, 2023

An easy way to get some features intended for Wahoo Roam v2 using Roam v1 hardware.

Of course, there are some features that cannot be added doing a software mod only, for example, the use of multi-band GPS. I even asked chatGPT what would be required to do such a change:

Another features the v2 has are 64 colors (vs 8 colors the v1 has) and 32 GB instead of the 4 GB the v1 provides.

How to force the v2 interface on the v1?

It's very easy, you just need to create a file called cfg_BApplication_ForceRoam2 on the root path of your device, here the steps required:

  1. Connect your Wahoo device to your computer.
  2. A folder with name Android will show up (Linux). Or a Wahoo device in explorer (Windows)
  3. Create a file with name cfg_BApplication_ForceRoam2 on the root folder.
  4. Restart your device.

Some screenshots (notice the borders of the data fields are gone!)

The main change is the feature of changing the background color of the heart rate zone, something similar of what happens with the gradient (goes from green to yellow and to red when the percentage of the gradient increases).

The auto (freeride) summit feature doesn't work making this change.

Some people can't connect the Elemnt app to the device using this trick. If you encounter any problems, just remove the file from your device to go back to normal.

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